Marijuana Stays In Your System A Long Time!

Are you wondering how to pass a drug test? We all love to smoke a lot of pot from time to time, but did you know that marijuana stays in your system the longest of all the drugs? That doesn’t seem fair considering it may be the least dangerous drug on the black market. Well, the fact is that weed stores itself in your fat cells. It takes a long time for this to get out of your system.

The longest it can stay in your system is about one month. That applies to the heaviest of smokers; you also need to be a little over weight. If you are skinny and barely smoke, you could be ready to pass your test in 2-4 days. So now you have a spectrum for how long you need to pass your drug test.

What seems unfair is that some of the strongest and most dangerous drugs on the black market will stay in your system less time. Take for example, cocaine. This drug will be used on a party weekend in Vegas and may be out of your system by Monday morning. Cocaine can cause so much more pain to the user and its friends that marijuana would ever do.

This blog is dedicated to helping all folks pass their drug tests. We specifically cater to the pot smoker because we believe that it should not be illegal for anyone to smoke and not work. What we are saying is that pot gets a bad rap; we deserve jobs and not a life of ridicule.


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