How to Make a Bong Out of a Water Bottle

You will need for this:

A plastic soda bottle(two liters work well. I use the one-liter bottles that tonic water comes in for the sake of portability).

Any 3/4 inch pipe(if you have an old paintball gun barrel, that's perfect. Straws won't work. Garden hose is okay if you line it with tinfoil to prevent it from being burned).

An airtight sealant(Caulk is best but tape is okay, use a lot).

Tin foil.


How to:

  1. Make a vertical slit in the side of your bottle. Picture your bottle divided into thirds, from top to bottom. Your cut should be anywhere in the bottom third. Make it about the same size as the diameter of your pipe.
  2. Shove your pipe into the hole you just made until one end reaches the bottom of the bottle.
  3. If you have caulk, apply that liberally around where the pipe meets the bottle in order to form an airtight seal. Allow it to dry. If you're using tape, do the same. Use most, if not all of the roll. To tell if it's leaking or not, cover the outside end of your pipe and suck in through the mouth of your bottle. It's okay if it leaks a little.
  4. On the end of the pipe that isn't inside the bottle, push a piece of your screen in to form a bowl. It should be at least 1/4 inch deep. Make enough room for whatever you plan to smoke. Fasten the screen to the sides with your tape. If you're using aluminum foil, do the same and poke a bunch of small holes into it.
  5. Fill it halfway with water. Use the coldest water you can find, adding ice cubes helps. Snow also works well. Some people like to use koolaid or juice as you can taste it when inhaling. Don't use alcohol or any oil, because THC will dissolve in it.
  6. When hitting, hold the flame on your bowl for the entire duration of the hit and inhale slowly.

The water in a bong does two things. It filters the smoke by dissolving carcinogens and other nasty compounds, and it cools down the smoke so that the user can get a smoother, more pleasant hit. The colder the water in the bong, the more the smoke is cooled down. Change the water every once in a while, otherwise it will start to stink. It also smells pretty bad when it gets spilled on carpet etc, so be careful.


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