Cocaine Drug Test - How Long to Pass a Urine Analysis?

Too much fun in Vegas last weekend? And you have an upcoming drug test for cocaine? We don't judge–let's explore the detection times for coke and help you decide what measures to take so you can pass.

Baby with Coke

The good news is that you have one of the drugs that gets out of your system the quickest. While it is possible to be clear of cocaine for a drug test in only 72 hours, most of us would like a little more reassurance that we will pass. For all drugs, but especially cocaine, the best way to speed up (and help guarantee a clean result) is to get your hands on a detox product. There are two great resources that we recommend:

  1. Testclear Detox Programs – there are different ones based on how much time you have until your drug test. We advise you start a chat with them and ask for assistance along the way.
  2. Total Detox Friend – they are the company that brought you Drug Test Friend: the highest rated drug test aide online.

Playing it safe: how long do you need?

According to, non-regular user can safely expect to pass a urine test after 3-5 days. A frequent user may need more time than this. These are conservative estimates. estimates that you should pass after only 48-72 hours.

More on half-life:

First the facts: according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, cocaine’s half-life is around 1 hour (confirms the other website’s claim from above); and benzoylecgonine is approximately 6 hours. Benzoylecgonine is the main metabolite in cocaine, and it lingers around the longest.

Cut-off levels:

According to "The initial screening cutoff level is 300 ng/ml for cocaine and its metabolite benzoylecgonine. The GC/MS cutoff level is 150 ng/ml".

Cocaine Drug Test

To be honest, it is tough to do any math to decipher whether one would pass on not. Again, go off of the estimates, and read up on drug test friend if you feel unsure.


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