Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the premixed lab urine made to guard your privacy during such urinary drug as cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana/THC, pollutants test and nicotine test. It is unisex that is why both men and women can use Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass the drug tests. To guarantee passing a urinalysis, this urine has all the ingredients typically found in urine plus it is also balanced for pH, creatine level, specific gravity, and some other urine peculiarities. The Quick Fix synthetic urine bottles are made with attached temperature strips as well as heating pads to ensure that the samples are at body temperature.

Quick Fix

Product Directions:

To use, you should just pour the contents into a urine cup at the drug or nicotine testing facility. Also, you must be sure that sample is in correct temperature from 94° to 100°F. The container can be heated up to ten seconds for reach the initial heat. Also, you must be sure to crop up the top before heating in order to release pressure. Then you should close cap to shake bottle. In case the temperature stays out of range, you need to repeat the procedure. In case the temperature remains the same after the second attempt, you must be sure it has not been overheated, so let cool several minutes. The heater pad with no microwave will require about an hour to heat to 90°-100°F. Also, the heater pad can be taped up to the bottle to get prolonged heat, and keep the bottle roughly 100°F for 6-10 hours within an inside clothing pocket being worn. Don't forget to shake a bottle before as well as after heating, prior to the deadline.

Product Warnings:

Current formula is 5.7. Formula info can be found on box bottom below the Contents description. The product is not meant for usage on lawfully run drug tests plus must be utilized according to all state and federal laws.


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