Green Tea Detox Benefits

Green tea, a kind of detox green tea, is a novel derivation of the Camellia sinensis. It is identified as the Camellia sinensis original product as the preparation of grown leaves from the fresh leaves takes less time as well as mechanized conversion.

Green Tea Detox

Antioxidants are recognized as the substances free radical scavenger. These radicals are some injurious substances produced at the metabolic process. Each free radical molecule is non-persistent as it has a less electron. So, it takes its electron from a persistent molecule to make it non-persistent. Thus the procedure continues in a cyclical way. The free radicals can modify the cell morphology by means of persisting with the DNA synthesis for them to accelerate cell death.

The green tea detox effect has been examined in human and other lab animals. The studies from these examinations suggest that green tea detox drinks can be curative in the next conditions:

  1. In diabetics: Type I Diabetes patients can get relief from consuming detox tea. In such patients, the pancreas gland can’t produce enough insulin because of damage to their S cells. Detox green tea can renew the normal gland functioning. The catechin existing in the detox green tea features the potential to reform damaged S cells. Besides, it stimulates the procedure of neoglucogenesis (the bodily mechanism by means of which the free glucose existing in blood is transformed to glycogen, so it can be kept).
  2. In cardiac patients: such tea can reduce the bad cholesterol. The detox property increases the good cholesterol that can reduce the VLDL blood level and the chylomicrons. Bad cholesterols increase the blood stickiness and there is an increased option of clot formating.
  3. In cancer patients: some studies have been done and it is discovered that polyphenols presented in detox green tea can stop the carcinogens (substances promoting cancer formation). Also, polyphenols can delete the cancer cells and assist the normal cells to stay healthy.
  4. In liver diseases: those who drink 10-12 cups of such tea every day are less inclined to any liver illness. The results from studies done on lab an animal has demonstrated that catechins existing in the detox green tea can produce damaged liver cells.

Still most of the advantages of detox green teas are yet to be found, but researches are continuing to enlighten about other beneficial characteristics of this healthy detox drink.


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