Does Synthetic Urine Work to Pass a Drug Test?

Did you know that it takes 7-100 days to purify urine after marijuana use (not to mention other drugs)? Nobody cares if it was your first time or you're a regular user, a positive drug test means serious trouble. That’s why in many cases you may want to use fake urine.

ULTRA PURE Synthetic Urine

Does synthetic urine work? Yes, it does if you choose the right brand. Paradoxically, in the 21st century with its high technologies you can cheat a drug test.

How to Choose Synthetic Urine that Works?

  1. It must have a body temperature (95 – 100° F or 36 – 37° C). Make sure that there's a way to heat the sample you're going to buy. It can be heat activator powder or a heating pad. Otherwise, you'll need to microwave it and keep it warm until using.
  2. It must include uric acid. Check the ingredients of the sample you're going to buy. It's a recent upgrade that drug tests check urine samples for it. If your sample is lacking it, it will most likely fail.

Top Rated Synthetic Urine Brand You Can Trust

With the growing popularity of synthetic urine samples, lab tests are getting more and more sophisticated recognizing them too. Low quality samples of fake pee can be detected. That's why you need to be selective when purchasing synthetic urine. Stay away from unreliable suppliers and doubtful brands. Check users' reviews. For today, one of a few brands that have only positive reviews is Ultra Pure. Quick Fix is not recommended anymore because it lacks uric acid discussed above.

Practical Hints

  • Get to know if you’ll be alone during the procedure.
  • Carefully read the directions for use.
  • Check expire dates before using.

If a test recognizes your sample as fake urine, your test is annulated. Of course, it is not the same as a positive test, but it can cause trouble too. To minimize the risks, choose only top rated brands and take the recommended steps to pass the test successfully.

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  1. Got some / don't trust it...going to get some test strips and test before using.