How to Use Fake Urine for Drug Test: All You Need to Know

So, you decided to use fake urine for drug test. Now what? Don't worry - synthetic urine is a good option, and it works if you do it right. Here's what you need to know to successfully cheat your test.

  1. Choose a trusted brand. First and foremost, it must include uric acid as one of its ingredients. Most drug tests now check urine samples for it. That's why Quick Fix doesn't work anymore. So, be sure to check the ingredients of fake pee you're going to buy and users' reviews on it. If you have some doubts, choose Ultra Pure, the most popular and most recommended brand.
  2. Get a plan. The three major difficulties with cheating a drug test is bringing a synthetic urine sample, pouring it into a test cup and leaving with your empty container without being caught. Get to know whether you’re going to be supervised or if you'll be alone in the bathroom.
  3. Warm your fake pee sample. The sample has to be 95 – 100° F or 36 – 37° C (body temperature). Microwave it and check what the temperature strip shows. If it's necessary, microwave it for a couple of seconds more. Then take a small heating pad out of the container and break it to activate the ingredients that produce heat. By attaching this pad to your sample, you'll be able to keep it warm. Note that if your sample is too warm or too cold, you can be suspected of cheating and invited to take a test one more time.
  4. Pour synthetic urine into a test cup quickly. Note that after being poured into a cup, sample loses its temperature very quickly. Synthetic urine even looks and smells exactly like natural human urine. The only factor that may give rise to suspicions is its temperature.

So, choosing the right synthetic urine brand and taking all the recommended steps, you have pretty good chances for cheating your drug test successfully. Good luck!


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